Abortion Confessions – I’m Sorry. So Sorry Baby.

When I found out I was pregnant I was the worst moment of my life: my mother had just died, I found out that my husband was cheating on me with my best friend and wanted a divorce.

For a brief moment, before being put in the operating room, I had a fleeting thought and suddenly, a woman in black dress approached me, “you are stupid. Do not do this stupid thing to get rid of the baby, as this abortion will haunt you all your life.”

I looked at her curiously. I tried a lot to figure out who she was, but then I gave up. The surgery itself was short and painful.

I had some complications after abortion like high temperature and delirium, but my aunt told me, “nothing to worry about, these are usual.” After a few days, I had a dream of a chubby blond girl for the first time.

Then, the girl turns into a monster, a screaming bloody monster, shouting at me that, “I will always be his mother, and that mother has no way to get rid of her baby.” I talked to a priest about this dream and he immediately asked, “if I had an abortion?” I confessed.

He asked me – should I see the same dream again, instead of running, I must say sorry to the baby. One of nights when I felt better already and could make the difference between dream and reality, I felt something cold and wet touched me on my shoulder.

When I opened my eyes I saw the child near my head. She has blue eyes, wide opened and staring at me. She held her hand on my shoulder and I literally felt her touching me with her bloody hands.

I screamed with horror and I sat up. When I turned the light on, I found a blood trail on my shoulder.

When I shared this dream with the priest, he clearly told me that in his opinion such sin will never be served. I gave it all and tried to pray and the dreams stopped for a while.

And, I resumed my life. But, after a year aborted child appeared again in my nights. It has been five years since I am going through all this; things are going just with mathematical precision. Baby aborted tells me every time it’s her birthday and that I should make her a cake.

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